Matrix Ballistics Rifle Bullets

Custom Match Rifle Bullets

Matrix Ballistics builds quality, custom rifle bullets. Accuracy and consistent performance is our goal.

Our bullet designs are the best for giving the lowest vertical spreads at long range and tend to be more forgiving at the end of barrel life.

Maximize your scores with the consistency of MATRIX Match Bullets

Custom Hunting Bullets

If you’re like the average hunter, you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to “accommodate” your hunting season. The entire success of the hunt depends on fulfilling your pre-season dreams. Once you pull the trigger, the rest is up to the cheapest part of your trip – the Projectile.

Maximize your hunt with the performance of MATRIX Hunting Bullets

Non-Standard Weight or Shape Bullets

If you have an interest in a non-standard weight or shape bullet, I would like to hear about your interest.  Matrix has no issue producing any different bullet as long as the cost of dies or jackets are covered.